Creysto provides you with unlimited opportunities to grow your business through a simple, easy-to-use platform for you and your customers.

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Communications suite

Imagine one app on your desktop that does all your work- responds to your emails, send out unlimited SMS, Whatsapp vital information and dial calls for you!! Creysto does just that for you.

Communication plays a very important role for the creation, distribution, access and retrieval of any company's valuable data .For the safe and effective use of your information the communication suite must be strong and dependable, we at Hagnosoft guarantee YOU this.

Performance & Analytics

Businesses around the globe struggle with organizing their data and capitalizing on it. The man hours spent on managing and representing data can be used to develop the essential features of any growing business.

CRYESTO innovatively manages and captures sales, marketing and service-related interactions that a company has with its customers or potential customers.

Process and Organization management

The act of organizing involves integrating, balancing and coordinating the activities of people working together seeking common goals. Data management tool is essential, as we are creating and consuming data at unprecedented rates.

Let Creysto manage your approval flows, access management and escalation matrix through automation in a seamless and convenient manner. No more spending time scanning through electronic paperwork for stuff that should be easily accessible.

Workflow management

Manage your business smarter. Publish your workflows, and test if they work as you want them to. Design custom workflows and automate routine tasks to efficiently manage your daily work.

Contacts, Tasks, prospects, payments, reminders, scheduling and the list is never ending but Creysto won’t get tired!!You click and the work is done. Visualize your workflow and trigger a set of actions based on what you want, set your own patterns and leave the rest to US!

And So Much More !!!

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