We focus on being ahead of our competitors and introducing new ideas in the marketplace following the principle of "innovation, not imitation."

At Hagnosoft what drives us is Change and Growth, in this fast moving world with lot of information and data around us we need to constantly keep Inventing Improving and Innovating.The thirst to constantly invent improve and innovate has made us develop unique services and products.Our company constantly drives to provide a dynamic platform where we can explore our creativities and skills and in return further enhance ourselves.    Read more

Passionate about our services and products

Working towards clients growth and success

Integrity and Innovation

Respect for each other and ethical responsibility

Our Product

Creysto The Success Management Tool for any Organization.

Creysto provides you with unlimited opportunities to grow your business through a simple, easy-to-use platform for you and your customers.

CRYESTO innovatively manages and captures sales, marketing and service-related interactions that a company has with its customers or potential customer’s .Helps provide business data and services that customer want. Provides better services to cross sell and up sell more effectively. Close deals successfully, retain customers and to completely understand WHO the customer is. It helps manages business contacts, clients and win contracts.    Read more

C Capture Data Completely
R Retrieve and Represent Data
E Effectively Manage Data
Y Yields Correct Results from collected data
S Save Time Effort and Money
T Task Automation
O Optimum Organisation of Data

Features of Creysto

Data Management
The act of organizing involves integrating, balancing and coordinating the activities of people working together seeking common goals. Data management tool is essential, as we are creating and consuming data at unprecedented rates.
Team Management
Effective Team Collaboration is essential for the success of any business. It is no surprise that effective teams finish important tasks faster and meet deadlines more efficiently than individual workers do.
Workflow Automation
Manage your business smarter. Publish your workflows, and test if they work as you want them to. Design custom workflows and automate routine tasks to efficiently manage your daily work.

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